The Government of Canada established the National Ecosystem Fund and has worked closely with Black business owners and Black-led organizations across Canada to ensure the new Black Entrepreneurship Program reflects the realities and needs of Black Canadians. The Festival Management Committee has been selected along with other organizations to deliver this program and is pleased to announce the launch of its Building Black Entrepreneur Program.

The Festival Management Committee is the producer of the annual Toronto Caribbean Carnival, the largest festival of its type in North America. With the Building Black Entrepreneur Program, the Festival Management Committee, in partnership with a leading Canadian University, will be providing business advisory, networking, and mentorship programming to Black entrepreneurs with existing or intended businesses related to the festival and tourism sectors in Southern Ontario.

All courses are free for interested participants.

The curriculum-based training will be tailored to the unique needs of primarily the festival supplier base. The Building Black Entrepreneur Program is being designed to address key areas for Black entrepreneurs, including digital strategies, logistics, business structures, financial accounting, IT, vendor management, business plan development, marketing, and client relationship management.

Participants will receive a joint Certificate of Completion issued by the Canadian University and the Festival Management Committee upon completing the eight courses. Online classes begin January 2022, with registration opening soon. Continue to check our website for courses details and further information, email