The Program for You

The purpose of the program is to build the capacity of Black entrepreneurs in the arts, cultural, entertainment, and tourism related industries in order for them to pivot to compete in the broader marketplace. The curriculum-based training, which is tailored to the unique needs of the festival supplier base, is designed to address specific gaps, including digital adoption and IT practices, vendor management, business plan development and client relationship management. In so doing, the program will also help businesses transition from the niche festival market to sustainable year-round viable businesses.

Program Objectives

· Build capacity in the festival ecosystem for our Black Entrepreneurs

· Improve financial acumen and networking capabilities

· Help Black Entrepreneurs develop viable business capabilities and navigate business and regulatory requirements

· Provide hands-on mentorship with industry leaders in all areas of the festival (in all things festival)

· Provide internship and placement programs

Lectures, workshops and mentorship

Courses Curriculum

1. Know your numbers: Financial literacy – It’s all about the money/Money matters. This course will provide interactive lectures and workshops in all things financial. Learn cash management, opening business banking accounts, and credit cards. Learn what you need to know when applying for loans, financial planning, reporting and creating sustainable budgets.

2. Business Aid: Business advisory – Strategy is an important element to devise proper business planning. Learn the attributes to creating a foolproof business plan, contract procurement/fulfilment and performance measures.

3. The Law of Carnival: Business Structures – Take a deep dive into developing appropriate business structures backed by legal expertise.

4. The Art of Technology: Business Processes – Technology and business go hand in hand, learn how to implement IT systems and tools that work for you and your business needs.

5. Build Your Network: Facilitation of Networking – the quality of a network can determine the success of your business. Whether you are seeking guidance from industry professionals or interested in leveraging your network to scale and grow your business, the FMC’s sponsorship initiative and alliances will provide you with year round extended support for all your business needs.

6. Make Your M@rk: Marketing – Your brand is everything. Learn the principles of sales, marketing and communication to develop strategy to serve your business needs.

7. Know Your Resources: Procurement – Procurement can be costly to your business if not done right. Learn how to use these tools and resources to purchase either in bulk or as a community to leverage economies of scale.

8. Hire[ing] Right: Human Resources – From hired staff to volunteers, finding the right team to help grow your vision can be challenging. Learn how to identify and hire great talent for your businesses and plan for succession. You don’t have to do it alone, learn how to identify and access the various agencies and online tools to source the right fit for their businesses.

  • Course length and time 1.5-hour classes weekly over 6 week period
  • Course format Online
  • Class timing Dynamic evening webinars
  • Additional

resources** Participants will access to business advisors to ask questions about their businesses

Register by Dec 12, 2022, to secure your spot!

  • Courses start on January 10, 2022, and participants will receive certificates upon completion