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The Toronto Caribbean Carnival was first held in 1967. It was modeled on Caribbean carnivals that arose as resistance against oppression in the forms of slavery and indentureship and was gifted to the Canadian people as part of Canada’s Centennial celebrations. Since then, it has grown into one of the most diverse and largest cultural festivals in North America. 

Our community represents individuals of different races, orientations, and ethnicities, and we speak many languages. Therefore, our festival aims to promote diversity and inclusion by showcasing the best Caribbean Carnival in the world! More importantly, we aim to celebrate the cultural heritage and contributions of our community while also shedding light on the challenges we face due to centuries of racism, discrimination, and systemic oppression that continue to persist today. 


Our festival would not be possible without your generous support. 

Please donate to support our community and festival. Allow us to continue to celebrate, raise awareness and to resist discrimination and oppression through our original music, masquerade performances, culinary experiences, and other expressions of our Caribbean culture. 


Make your donation using your credit card through our secure, encrypted payment link.  


Please note that we are a Not-For-Profit Organization and not a charity and cannot issue tax receipts. 

We thank you for your generous donation in support of our Festival which is managed, produced, and delivered by a minority community.

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