Wack Radio, Carib and Toronto Caribbean Carnival present First Lap: Keeping the Carnival Alive, a digital extravaganza previewing the summer festival. 

The show promises to give viewers an all access pass to the many elements of Toronto Caribbean Carnival, featuring dynamite costume display, enchanting steelpan, music and the showcasing of calypso and reggae music. 

The event is intended to provide an early taste and wet the appetite of carnival goers, on the heels of the Trinidad Carnival virtual events, on the amazing festival that happens in the summer on the streets of Toronto and in various venues across the GTA.

The event features performances by Macomere FIFI, David Rudder, Connector, Pan Artistes from Various pansides and Dance Caribe. 

First Lap will also feature costumed models from Louis Saldenah Mas K Club, Carnival Nationz, Tribal Carnival, Toronto Revellers, Venom Mas and Epic Carnival.

“As Canada’s celebration of Caribbean Culture, we want to ensure that we keep the spirit of the festival alive. This event is about celebrating freedom and diversity, while reminiscing together from the safety and comfort of home. The Festival Management Committee has reimagined the Toronto Carnival vibe, and are delivering it digitally to the world,” says Joe Halstead.

The event, hosted by Itah Sadu, Earle La Pierre, SKF and Kenny Phillip, kicks off a series of programmes aimed at supporting Toronto’s economic recovery.

The broadcast starts at 7 pm and will be streamed on Facebook, WACK Youtube and the official Toronto Carnival website