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How to Play Mas.

Updated: Mar 25

To be part of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival Parade (Play Mas), You must purchase costumes from one of the mas bands participating in the event. The Parade is composed of several registered mas camps or bands, each offering a unique themed presentation every year. These bands manage the manufacturing and sales of the costumes for their respective presentations, which are typically available for purchase after each band launch.

Here's how you can participate:

  1. Explore Band Options: Check out the various themed bands participating in the Carnival Parade. Each band offers a distinct theme, style, and costume design, allowing participants to find one that resonates with their preferences.

  2. Attend Band Launches: Keep an eye out for announcements regarding band launches, where each band unveils their themed presentation and showcases the costumes available for purchase. Attend these events to get a firsthand look at the costumes and choose your favorite.

  3. Register and Purchase: After attending the band launch and selecting your desired costume, register with the chosen band and proceed to purchase your costume. Registration processes and payment methods may vary between bands, so be sure to follow their specific instructions.

  4. Costume Pickup: Closer to the Parade date, you'll receive information on when and where to collect your purchased costume from the band's designated pickup location. Ensure you have your registration confirmation and identification with you for verification.

  5. Parade Day Preparation: As Parade day approaches, familiarize yourself with the Parade route, schedule, and any guidelines provided by Carnival organizers. Coordinate with your band and fellow participants to ensure a seamless and enjoyable Parade experience.

  6. Join the Parade: On the day of the Parade, arrive at the designated assembly area at the specified time, dressed in your stunning costume from your chosen band. Follow instructions from Parade marshals and organizers to ensure a safe and festive Parade experience.

  7. Celebrate and Enjoy: Once the Parade begins, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, dancing to the infectious rhythms of Caribbean music and showcasing your elaborate costume to enthusiastic crowds. Embrace the spirit of celebration and create unforgettable memories as you participate in the Toronto Caribbean Carnival Parade!

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