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Opening Doors for Community Involvement

We are embarking upon a vibrant evolution for the Festival Management Committee (FMC)/Toronto Caribbean Carnival (TCC). We are embracing a new era of inclusivity and community participation. The organizing committees of the festival are now inviting members of the community to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table. The goal is to create a festival that is a true reflection of the community it serves, filled with diverse viewpoints and powerful, collaborative energies.

Calling for Applications

Starting this year, we are open to applications from all community members with a passion for arts, culture, and community. Whether you're an event planner, an artist, or just someone who loves culture, your input is invaluable.

Why Your Participation Matters

Community involvement is about celebrating diversity, fostering ownership, and creating a festival that symbolizes our community's spirit.

By joining a committee, you have the opportunity to influence the festival’s direction, ensuring that it remains relevant and captivating. You can introduce new events, suggest improvements, or volunteer in various capacities, using your unique skills and insights.

The festival progresses with its stakeholders who are an integral part of shaping the heart and soul of our festival. The festival committees are keen to incorporate a more diverse group of contributors, allowing for a richer, more inclusive, and successful festival.

Application Process

To become a part of this exciting initiative, interested applicants are encouraged to submit their applications for committee roles detailing their experience, skills, and general interest in contributing to the festival’s respective committees. Each application will be reviewed with great consideration and the aim of assembling a team that expresses the spirit and diversity of our community.

As we progress in this new direction, we are eager to see how this collaborative approach will enhance the TCC Festival to new heights, making it a genuine celebration of our community and restore our festival to a carnival that is by the community, for the community.

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