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Toronto Caribbean Carnival Accessibility Guide



Toronto Caribbean Carnival is committed to conform to the Accessibility for Ontarian’s with Disabilities Act (AODA). The TCC Accessibility Guide is designed to assist guests with disabilities to navigate through events and activities. We hope that the information will help to make some of the potential challenges more manageable. For clarity and to provide feedback that might improve the festival, please email or call 416 391 5608.


The Toronto Caribbean Carnival is committed to making the entire Festival as accessible and inclusive as possible. The expectation is to provide a memorable experience for parking, getting around the grounds, on-site services, as well as venue specific details, and where to find medical care and other emergency services. In addition, there will be event specific information regarding accessibility, as venues could change.

Some events have designated wheelchair locations, which are available on a first come, first-served basis. However, we strive to make the entire sites accessible so that there are choices for people with accessibility needs. 

Mobility Aids & Devices

For the Grand Parade, the TCC provides access to mobility aid from the main GO Transit and TTC & Wheel-Trans stops to Grand Parade Central.  Where required and with advance notification, Sign Language interpreters will be provided.

The sites will accommodate your wheelchairs, walkers, scooters and other mobility devices.



Tools available to help navigate the sites, including but not limited to: Schedule with map, Pedestal signs, Directional signage, Information Booth, Customer Service Staff.



A designated Wheel-Trans drop-off address or location will be provided for each event venue. These locations will have sheltered/tented waiting area and/or seating.


On-Site Parking

There may be a limited amount of vehicle parking available on-site. Each lot will have a designated accessible parking area, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Your accessible parking permit must be displayed on your vehicle. The TCC is not liable for tickets issued by Parking Enforcement agencies.

Moving Around at the Sites

There is a combination of outdoor and indoor spaces, with gradual changes in elevation. We recommend looking up any buildings you’re interested in going into before you do so to check their accessibility. The TCC will ensure that rented indoor spaces are well equipped with adequate Fire Protection/Alarm Services that meet code requirements.


Sidewalk and road conditions are outside of the scope of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival. However, where practical we will ensure that sidewalks remain clear of obstruction. The intent is to make the parade route and access to parks fully “Accessible.”



Some sites may have limited Indoor Washrooms that offer accessible washroom facilities, however based on the magnitude of the festival, adequate number of outdoor portolets will be provided and positioned at several locations throughout the grounds. Every location will include at least one accessible portolet as well as accessible wash stations.


COVID-19 Concerns

At Toronto Caribbean Carnival, we understand the concerns regarding COVID-19. It is our intention to conform to the latest guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health with regards to Covid-19 protocols, at the time of the festival. 


If there is any construction going on during the festival, we will ensure that all safety measures are in place. 


Large Crowds

Toronto Caribbean Carnival is a large festival that frequently attracts large audiences each year. Such high numbers of folks coming together can result in limited space to maneuver easily. Our volunteers and staff will encourage attendees to be mindful of the space and share it with everyone, including those with accessibility needs.


Access to Services

Toronto Caribbean Carnival requires no proof of accessibility needs. If you require access to a service, the Toronto Caribbean Carnival Staff and Volunteers will be pleased to provide support, as we cherish our supporters with accessibility needs. 


Toronto Caribbean Carnival is committed to continuing to expand and increase accessibility at the festival. This page will continue to be updated as new requirements regarding accessibility becomes available.

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