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Toronto Caribbean Carnival Accessibility Guide


The Toronto Caribbean Carnival began as a gift to Canada during the Canadian Centennial and has continued to commemorate Caribbean culture for over a half-century. In 2022 we celebrated our Emerald Anniversary, 55 years of providing a platform for Caribbean Arts, people, and culture. The Toronto Caribbean Carnival continues to celebrate the Carnival Arts, including Mas Bands, Steelpan players, Calypso artists, Stick fighting, and Stilt walkers.


The 2022 Toronto Caribbean Carnival was the first large event for our community since the pandemic started. Once again, we had the opportunity to honour diversity, celebrate emancipation, self-expression, and be together again. The Toronto Caribbean Carnival reunited our community to celebrate freedom from oppression, to allow us to embrace our culture and diversity, and enjoy the Carnival Arts.


After two years of lockdowns and cancelled events, the 55th Toronto Caribbean Carnival demonstrated the power of culture to unite communities and heal wounds. It connected all Canadians and lovers of Caribbean culture. It provided a spotlight on the legacies of oppression. It highlighted the reality that the legacies of oppression are not just in the past; They are still experienced by our community today. The Carnival provided an opportunity to examine the impact of oppression on our community.

We invite you to download the 2022 Festival Report via the download link below.


Mischka Crichton

Chief Executive Officer

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